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About Us

The Haliburton County Library Board was established in 1965 and provides public library services to the residents of the County of Haliburton through the Haliburton County Public Library under the terms of the Public Libraries Act (1984). The Board is appointed by the County of Haliburton under terms outlined in the Act; funding is provided by the County of Haliburton and the Province of Ontario.

Haliburton County Library Board

Sally Howson, Chair, Public Appointment
Andrea Roberts, Vice Chair, Councillor
Nicki Brazier-Hagarty, Public Appointment
Curry Humphreys, Public Appointment
Carol Moffatt, Councillor
David O'Brien, Public Appointment
Cecil Ryall, Councillor
Lisa Schell, Councillor
Elizabeth Danielsen, Warden (ex officio)