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Strategic Plan

Message from the Library CEO & Library Board Chair

Public libraries continue to change rapidly in the twenty-first century, and the Haliburton County Public Library (HCPL) has been evolving in step. In our last strategic plan, we identified the need to cultivate dynamic partnerships, and we continue to thrive in this area.

As well, we’ve made progress in creating a technology plan and improving library communications. This has been strengthened by the formation of two new positions, as we now have a full-time Technology & Systems Coordinator and a part-time Marketing & Communications Coordinator to support us into the future.

The focus of our new plan may best be summarized by the word “modernization.” Each area of the library is being reassessed for how we can make progress and improvements along five areas of direction. These relate to: communicating our value, honouring our relationships, engaging in advocacy and community connection, investing in staff, and creating consistency across the library system.

This is an exciting time in libraries and the information sector generally, but significant change has occurred specifically at HCPL leading up to the publishing of this strategic plan. In applying this plan as presented, we’re confident that the next five years will lead to sustainable and positive change for patrons and visitors in each of our communities.

Sally Howson, Library Board Chair (2021-2022)
Chris Stephenson, Library CEO/Chief Librarian (2021-2023)

HCPL Tagline: Committed to empowering your community

The Haliburton County Public Library supports and empowers our communities by connecting people with free services, programs, collections, and information.

Committed to empowering our communities through lifelong learning, inclusivity, and creative partnerships, while adapting and being resilient.

Service Excellence

  • We believe each patron of the library is unique and important.
  • We commit ourselves to excellence.
  • We support individual growth and organizational development.


  • We believe each patron should have access to a well-rounded collection.
  • We encourage the process of lifelong learning.
  • We understand the need for information and leisure materials to be available in a variety of formats.


  • We undertake to liaise with all partners.
  • We believe patrons have the right to clean, well designed and accessible facilities.
  • We believe patrons should have access to our resources at any hour of the day through electronic media.


  • We understand we need to meet the changing needs of library services and patrons through innovation and technology.
  • We provide access to our resources through our facilities and our electronic services.


  • We encourage the wise use of resources.
  • We promote open and equitable access to information.
  • We value our community and choose local resources whenever possible.


  • We believe all patrons and their individual needs are worthy of respect.
  • We believe by respecting each other we create a productive and satisfied team.
  • We believe our patrons should treat us with respect.


  • We believe the library is an essential service that requires sustainable funding.
  • We believe the library provides significant economic value to the community.
  • We believe sustainable facilities and staff are critical to the delivery of quality services.

Strategic Plan 2022–2027

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