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Selling your book to the Haliburton County Public Library

Haliburton County Public Library (HCPL) strives to build a balanced collection to serve the public. All material purchased for the collection is required to adhere to HCPL’s Collection Development Policy.

We are interested in items of local interest, written by local authors and relating to Haliburton County. We support local authors by including a representative sample of their work in the library’s collection.

Selling your print book to HCPL

Our preferred method of purchase is through the Canadian library wholesaler, Library Bound Inc. You can request to have your book listed with Library Bound by visiting the self-publishing section on their website.

Creating an e-book

There are many free online e-book creation platforms that you can choose from. Here are just a few:

Selling your e-book/e-audiobook to HCPL

HCPL purchases e-books and e-audiobooks through a distributor called Overdrive. Please contact Overdrive directly to find out how to have your work included in their inventory.

Getting an ISBN in Canada

To be added to HCPL's collection, your book will need to have an ISBN. An ISBN is an International Book Standard Number that uniquely identifies each specific edition of a book or monograph from a publisher. ISBN Canada provides free ISBNs to eligible publishers and publications. You can learn more about ISBNs and how to sign up for one at the Library and Archives Canada website.

Submit a Collection Submission Request

Note: All unsolicited material sent to or left with the library for consideration is the property of the Haliburton County Public Library and will not be paid for or returned. The library reserves the right to decide whether these items are needed for the collection. Discarded items may be sold for the benefit of the library.

If you are a local author or a self-published author, and you’d like your work included in our collection (by selling or donating to us), please submit a request online using the form below.

  • While we welcome submissions from creators, we receive a large number of submissions, and purchase self-published books very selectively.
  • We are most likely to purchase books of significant local interest or published by a local author.
  • Donated copies are not necessarily added to the collection. Please do not send or drop off copies of your work. We will not be able to return them.
Max 500 characters.
Please state where your work is available to purchase.