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Library Policies

We are undergoing a review of our policies. As those policies are reviewed, they will be accessible from this page. If you are looking for a specific policy that isn't linked, please contact us and we will send it to you.

Here is a complete list of our current policies:


BL-01 Statement of Authority
BL-02 Composition of the Board
BL-03 Terms of Reference of the Officers
BL-04 Powers and Duties of the Board
BL-05 Meetings of the Board
BL-06 Election of Officers


FN-01 Mission Statement
FN-02 Vision Statement
FN-03 Statement of Values
FN-04 Intellectual Freedom


GOV-01 Purpose of the Board
GOV-02 Board Orientation
GOV-03 Duties and Responsibilities of Individual Board Members
GOV-04 Committees of the Board
GOV-05 Policy Development
GOV-06 Planning Policy
GOV-07 Financial Control/Oversight
GOV-08 Board Advocacy
GOV-09 Evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer
GOV-10 Board Training
GOV-11 Library Board Self-Evaluation
GOV-12 Succession Planning Policy
GOV-13 Delegation of Authority to the CEO


OP-01 Meeting the Requirements of the AODA Regulations
OP-02 Library Code of Conduct
OP-03 Gift Acceptance Policy
OP-04 Accessible Customer Service
OP-05 Fundraising Policy
OP-06 Partnership Policy
OP-07 Programming Policy
OP-08 Internet Services Policy
OP-09 Book Club Policy
OP-10 Bulletin Boards and Community Information
OP-11 Spokesperson Policy
OP-12 Equipment Loan Policy
OP-13 Circulation Policy
OP-14 Public Art Policy
OP-15 Temporary Loan Policy
OP-16 Library Fees Policy
OP-17 Chief Executive Officer Absence and Succession Planning Policy
OP-18 Allergies and Environmental Sensitivities Awareness
OP-19 Requirement for Non-Medical Mask Use
OP-20 Working Remotely Policy
OP-21 COVID-19 Vaccination Policy


PRO-01 Staff Training
PRO-02 Confidentiality and the Protection of Privacy
PRO-03 Safety, Security and Emergency
PRO-04 Leave of Absence Policy
PRO-05 Collection Development Policy
PRO-06 Resource Sharing Policy
PRO-07 Employee Recognition Policy
PRO-08 Part Time Sick Leave Policy
PRO-09 Allowance Policy
PRO-10 Proctoring Policy
PRO-11 Asset Disposal Policy
PRO-12 Service Policy
PRO-13 CASL Policy
PRO-14 Information Services Policy
PRO-15 Provision of Library Services, Technology and Furnishings
PRO-16 Signage Policy
PRO-17 Confidentiality Policy